Anna M. Potgieter

South Devon


I am a photographer and visual producer of video and graphic designs, using Canon, Panasonic Lumix, Sony and DJI cameras, along with Adobe products when working in studio.

In previous years working commercially, I have participated as a member on the technical teams for filming events such as charity fun-runs, local festivals and regattas. Growing up, I followed my creative flare, whether that was in the creative arts or in digital media, and it continues to grow strong to this day.

As a current student at Kingsbridge Community College, I have always kept myself busy outside of the academic coursework by taking part in dance or theatrical shows, along with participation as an assistant director in a full scale production in purpose of one of the final Drama GCSE exams.

Under the surface, I am a true cat person who lives as a “tripple threat” of music, dance and drama, and one who loves all things creative or artistic. Now studying Media, Drama and Photography at AS & A-Level, I intend to develop my skill sets even further in these arts, along with plenty of extra-curricular work to support this.



Area Of Outstanding National Beauty (AONB)

Photographic Competition 2018 Winner



Winning Image:

‘A Green & Pleasant Land’

Winning Image for Title:

‘AONB Outstanding Young Photographer 2018’

Winning Image:

‘A Landscape To Live In’

Behind the Scenes Photos

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