As well as working with still images, I also enjoy capturing the moment using video and its endless possibilities across the spectrum of visual production ideas: using great cameras like the Panasonic GH5, Sony AX100, Sony Z150, Canon 5DSR and more recently, the new DJI Osmo Action Cam. My home studio is equipped with Adobe Creative Cloud and various royalty free music, vector and stock image platforms. Within these are a collection of commercial events, company promotions, and charity event videos I have created for these companies and organisations. To capture these amazing events, I have been on the film crew with Sky Pictures and South Devon TV commercially, as well as filming for my own personal use.

Dramatic Monologues

'game on' by isla mortimer

Living in today’s world, I have seen first hand how our reactions around plastic and pollution have changed over the years. I wanted to call out humankind for our ways and explore in detail how our attitudes have changed, shaping the monstrous pollution monster that we of course created in the first place.

  – Isla Mortimer

'the price of living' by anna potgieter

For my interpretation of this character, I sought to reflect the exaggerated comedy in the text but also scratch further under the surface to ground him in the real world. This man’s number one focus is himself and his business, yet this has created an intense sense of self-loathing. For me, it is the combination of selfishness and self-loathing that leads to the true tragic comedy of this piece. However, his constant frustration on this topic strikes very true in our current social climate: the even burden of austerity and government policies such as zero hour contracts and the flawed benefits system leave men like Gordon to slip through the cracks. This is a very interesting piece as the character allows the audience to chuckle at his problems, despite the conscious fact that he is not alone.

  – Dan Sinclair

examples of my commercial video production

2020 Showreel for South Devon Holidays

Video Edit of Brixham Pirate Festival 2018

Wine Tours Video Edit for South Devon Tours

Aerial Shoot Edit for Thorn House & Gardens

Video Edit of Woofstock Festival UK 2019

Dartmouth Food Festival 2017 Edit

Slapton Road Re-Opening Video for South Devon Tours

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