by anna | apr 23 2020 | commercial

As part of the celebrations of the new Sky Pictures Website Launch, we took our newest member of the squadron, our Mavic 2 Pro, up in the air for its first ever flight. What a bit of kit! It was incredible to fly and we got to grips with its endless functions that achieved such great results. DJI have done it yet again.

by anna | feb 25 2020 | travel

California 2020. On this trip, we exploring Hollywood by visiting Universal Studios and Warner Brothers, as well as the local area – before moving down to San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf, and other local areas. Travelling on this Media trip, there were lots of opportunities for photography and video to create my first travel collection of 2020. View collection here.

by anna | aug 17 2019 | events

What a day! The first day of the 2019 Woofstock Festival was truly spectacular with so many great activities and displays both for and by our furry friends. I was ground crew with Sky Pictures whilst the drone was up capturing the event from the bird’s eye view, before going round with the cameras. Despite the first official day being cancelled due to bad weather conditions, today was truly the best kick-off to this unique and amazing festival.

by anna | aug 14 2019 | filming

A few outtakes and glasses of wine later, the shoot of the second of The Alternative Monologues is complete. Starring Dan Sinclair, this is the comical complaint about the many difficult aspects of the high costs of living in today’s world, discussed from half-drunken Gordon who wishes he were back on holiday in Paris. Watch ‘The Price of Living’ here.

by anna | jul 27 2019 | filming

After weeks of planning, re-drafting and preparation, we finally completed the first of the series of The Alternative Monologues: ‘Game On’. Written and starring Isla Mortimer, this is an interpretation of a monstrous Mother Nature and her views on the damaging changes to her creation made by mankind. Watch ‘Game On’ here.

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