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Studio 7 Dance Group

Run by Paul & Anna Potgieter

Who we are…

Welcome to the Studio 7 Dance Group


We are a new local dance group for keen dancers aged 16 and above, established to improve dance skill set, build confidence, enjoy fun exercise, but most importantly: have fun!

Run by Anna Potgieter (an acclaimed Director of Music and Dance Choreography), we will be running weekly classes consisting of warm up routines designed to improve flexibility, before learning fun choreography from a wide range of dance styles to some of the most iconic music tracks we all know and love…

Our classes will be local to Dartmouth, Kingsbridge and Totnes and will become not only a place to boogie down, but to have so much fun with fellow dancers and friends.



Our Aims

Improve upon generic dance skills.

Learn new skills from a range of styles.

Burning off calories.

Improve flexibility.

Enjoying fun, weekly exercise.

Boosting confidence.

Having fun socialising with others.

Studio 7 Dance Group

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Membership Details

We will be running a taster session very soon for all those who want to come along – our capacity is a maximum of 30 dancers.


*All slots must be booked in advance*

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